Wolf will say anything to get re-elected

Editor: I cannot believe Gov. Wolf is making the claims he is on television. He must believe the voters are fools. In one of his recent ads, he talks about how he is taking on the Harrisburg lobbyists; nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, Gov. Wolf took millions from special interests in his 2014 election and he has continued to take special interest money throughout his term of office. In fact, his biggest contributor in 2017 was a special interest political action committee that The Philadelphia Inquirer described as “secretive.” And looking directly at the just the lawyer/lobbyist money he has taken, the non-partisan website VoteSmart.org says Wolf’s campaign took $1.3 million from them.

If anything, this says to me that Gov. Wolf is owned by lobbyists and special interests. A far cry from the independence he tries to project in his ads.

In the same ad he also describes the private property of Pennsylvanians as belonging to the people of Pennsylvania. It looks to me like Wolf is trying to earn the most liberal governor in the United States award again with statements like that. Last time I checked, property tax bills get sent to individual property owners not the governor’s mansion. Where does he get off claiming our private property belongs to anyone other than us?

I hope the voters see through Gov. Wolf’s misleading statements and see him for what he is, a liberal Harrisburg politician who will say anything to get re-elected.